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August 2019

Hot and sultry weather continues to float through southern Idaho during these “dog days of summer”. Our exercise routines have become tiresome….the living room dust accumulates from lack of vacuuming (or is that ‘caring’) …our cats and dogs lie comatose in the shade of anything they can find….and our friends with young children are already shopping for “back to school” supplies and clothes. We breathe a heavy sigh in hopes of discovering something more interesting and motivating to fill our days….and look forward to cooler weather after Labor Day Weekend. There is always one more “road trip”… let’s call it a “Mini vacation!” yessss.

Hold on my friends…. Hot August days and nights are a real test of our focus power…We need to stay strong and motivated, clear headed..…. To find patience to wait for that cooler weather or circumstances to change. Take some time for meditation during the hot weather… find stillness and respite care for our personal mental and emotional well being, as well as to rest physically. We are suppose to slow down in the summertime… we are suppose to do something that “make our hearts sing” -- Let’s find another good book to read, or another wine to taste, a new hike to enjoy, or another museum to visit.

Breathe in and breathe out and smile, find compassion for someone in your life that needs a hug, relax and enjoy these last few weeks of summer, because we all know…. That when the snow flies… we’ll be wishing for hot weather to return! Namaste’

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