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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year….

A new year… a new perspective…. Setting new goals and intentions… and letting go of old expectations and anything of the past year that is no longer serving us. We’ve heard this before… many times… year after year…as the calendar turns over to a new date. We try hard to stay focused, but sometimes it’s difficult. Researchers suggest that we actually need and “deserve to relish in the goodness that we’ve manifested, and with an open heart. It would serve us well to bring the joy created by our achievements into the New Year with us… that we become able to further nurture and grow those things that served us so well before…”

What a year this has been. I was able to continue teaching all of my classes at the Caldwell YMCA (Pilates, Yoga, Silver Sneakers fitness classes), enjoyed the opportunity to teach yoga in a variety of locations (including out in Sunnyslope at the Hell’s Canyon Winery & at the Lewis and Clark Elementary School as an after-school program for the teachers!) I opened my home up as a Bed & Breakfast and welcomed people from all over our country, as well as other countries, and had a lot of fun preparing for guests and attending to my first love of baking. Even though the B&B is on hiatus right now…I’ve had a lot more fun spending time with daughter who just returned from teaching English in South Korea…so those guest rooms are occupied for awhile longer before the Platt House can re-open!

I enjoyed digging in my garden, spending time with my grandson, Luke; took a fabulous cruise vacation as I hit a milestone birthday. Even though the calendar says I’m 60 years old now… I don’t feel any different inside. I’m spending more time looking back at memories…planning for the future… and focusing on ‘being present’… living in this moment. I love the, sometimes spontaneous conversations that arise with my daughter or my husband, just from sitting around the fireplace and enjoying a cup of coffee…. Or putting away the Christmas decorations and remembering Christmas Pasts. It’s fun to spend relaxing time with family.

One new note for the new year. I will be teaching a new yoga class at the Lewis and Clark Elementary School in Caldwell, Idaho; beginning on Tuesday, the 10th of January and running every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:15pm – 5:15pm. The classes are geared to beginner and intermediate levels and are offered to the teachers and staff of the Caldwell School District. However, I’d like to open them to the public as a “Karma class”… or a donation class. Bring your own mat, towels, props, water bottles, etc… and throw down your mat in the gymnasium at Lewis and Clark and we’ll enjoy an hour together, moving and breathing and ‘de-stressing’ on our mat. Any donation (any amount) will be held at the school and used only to extend the classes further out, in the event that the Wellness Program in the public school system runs it’s course (funding wise)…. We can continue offering yoga with the donations collected. If you are interested at all, you can contact me right here, (send a message through the ‘contact’ tab on this website) or just show up next Tuesday, the 10th at the school and come enjoy some mat time with me and some lovely ladies from the Caldwell Schools.

Have a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous New Year 2017,


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