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Hot July!

We are ending June with hot temperatures in the Boise/Caldwell, Idaho area. We are looking forward to that "3-day weekend" that celebrates our Independence. Monday, the 4th of July, brings closure to federal and state agencies and to most private businesses as well. The YMCA will be closed on Monday for classes, but we will enjoy the Caldwell City Parade at 9:00am marching right down the street in front of our home. All of our friends and neighbors in the area are welcome to attend the festivities - that also include a pot-luck lunch (bar-b-que) at our house. We supply hamburgers/hot dogs/sausage dogs and all the buns and trimmings, as well as some other goodies (there is even coffee and muffins in the cool morning for parade viewing!) and lots of fun and friendship. Patriotic music abounds before/during and after the parade.... kids, families, seniors, first timers and veterans of our Independence Day Celebration are invited to bring friends....lawn chairs.... and of course, a side dish to share with lots of others (it can be hot baked beans, cold traditional salads.... desserts.... fruits....veggies... anything at all) and we'll supply everything else. Enjoy these hot summer days, and cool evenings in the upper desert of Idaho, with an abundance of outdoor activities just waiting for us all to explore. So, put a smile on your face and be thankful for the our extraordinary opportunities here in the valley, as well as friends, food, and the summer sun.

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