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May is lovely....

I can't help but want to be outside this time of year. The April showers did indeed bring those May flowers. I'm breathing in all the goodness of the earth and her beauty that May brings, along with some pollen of course, but when the grass turns from brown to green, and the ferns pop their little heads up above the ground, and my rhubarb is huge, ready to be gives me a sense of completeness... happiness.

I have enjoyed my grandson's 7th birthday recently, many interesting guests have registered at our Bed and Breakfast, I've been baking and using those dried herbs I grew last summer in the garden....and I've been able to get some of those spring cleaning projects completed......everything seems to fall into place when the sun is shining and I feel happy and all is well with the world. Keep smiling your way through May. Have a lovely spring.

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