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March comes in like a Lion

March 2016

March is really blowing in like a Lion (as the old saying reminds us)….a lot of activities…a lot of preparing our gardens for spring…. preparing ourselves for the journey ahead…. ‘spring cleaning’ our homes & lives……and considering “cleansing yoga practices’ this month. I like to think that this year is particularly special… we are “Leaping” from February into March…with “Leap Day”…. February 29th only comes once every 4 years…a great way to really ‘seize the day’… to “go out on a limb” and try new things… things that we would normally shy away from…to commit to things we should do for ourselves that we have been putting off. These coming days inspire me to ‘banish those regrets”….get moving…try something new and thrilling… to actually take that “Leap of Faith”.

March has brought about several things for me personally. The first and most important is the opening of my Bed and Breakfast. It’s only taken me 20 years to open the door to The Platt House. I have always wanted to welcome guests into my home and bake delicious breads, scones & muffins for them…. and now its here-it’s exhilarating. Even though we are one of many ‘online Bed and Breakfast’ (AirBnB)…. It is no less exciting for me… this is my way of ‘going out on a limb” of trying something I always wanted to do and never thought I would…it was time to move forward with a dream I had. It’s me --taking a leap of faith now!

At the same time… we are saying goodbye to our yoga classes for teachers at the Lewis and Clark School. We try this venture every year and sometimes there are just not enough people to commit to our class and unfortunately this is one of those years. I’m sorry to say we are canceling that class on Tuesday and Thursdays after school. However, my “Just Breathe” business is still going strong. I very much enjoy doing classes for folks (whether beginners or those who consider themselves more seasoned yogis) of Yoga, or even Pilates, or Silver Sneakers Exercise programs….there is always the opportunity for special events (like our wine and yoga classes)…. Or weekend retreats, or as a onetime option for an event. Please feel free to contact me (via this website) if you want someone to come and speak or teach some aspect of yoga, Pilates, senior exercise, or anything like that –for your group!

March will also bring the first day of Spring. (Sunday, March 20th) We will celebrate the ‘Vernal Equinox’ with Sun Salutations on Monday, the 21st of March in my classes at the Caldwell YMCA. Check out the offerings at your local YMCA…. There are all sorts of fun and interesting classes and workshops to get you motivated to Leap Forward… follow your journey into Spring…. clean out the cobwebs…. ‘banish those regrets’… Enjoy the daffodils, tulips and crocuses of Springtime!

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