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deep into Winter ....

January 2015 is just flying by. This weekend, I am involved with another Yoga Teacher Training in Boise. It’s so much fun and so good for me, to be around other Yogis, practicing teaching, talking about form, anatomy, the Chakras, modifications and assists for students, and every little detail to consider when teaching yoga. Things become clearer, the 2nd or even 3rd time around when you hear them… finally you begin to understand…. As these valuable tools we receive, help us put it all together and we really do find that “A-Ha” moment.

In classes at the Y, we have been exploring Meditation on Fridays at 9:15am, along with our restorative classes. We have been taking a little more time at the beginning of the year, and going back over our alignments, principals and beginning movements. We have a lot of new yogis joining us in January, and I’m hoping we are exciting them enough to want to come back and try more!

My 8:15am Pilates class continues to be full of enthusiasm as well as a lot of new students this time of year. We have a lot of fun on the mat on Mondays with traditional Joseph Pilates inspired moves, a combination of Yoga and Pilates on Wednesdays, and Pilates Sculpt on Friday (higher energy with free weights for upper body strengthening) . Silver Sneakers isn’t just for seniors any more, younger folks who haven’t done exercise in years (or ever) are joining us to move and breath in a low impact, high cardiovascular focused environment… with the most ‘fun’ music ever. We laugh and talk and share stories and advice on everything from Grand parenting to home medical remedies.


Continue to check out my YMCA schedule at the web site…I usually will incorporate a theme, or direction for each class I teach …. Including my Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit and Pilates classes. Sometimes we are close to that path… and other times… well… sometimes we veer off just a bit.

If you want more yoga, or to try a class, and are not a member of the YMCA… remember we are starting a community class this Tuesday, at the Lewis and Clark Elementary School in Caldwell on Laster Road. It starts at 4:15pm – 5:15pm in one of the empty classrooms… just check at the front desk when you come in. This first week is free….. To see if you want to do this. Then it will be only $70 for the next 7 weeks. We first started doing this for the local teachers a few years ago… to bring yoga to them right after school. Now, we are encouraging local friends to join us. No previous experience is needed, and this too, can be a fun social outlet for (well, for me!) and for you too!

To contact me: go to the web site and find the ‘connect’ tab and move the arrow down to “Contact”… to leave me a private message! You can also find You Tube videos of lots of my classes, from Cardio for Active Adults, to Yoga, to Pilates and combinations of those, as well as Chair Yoga and Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit.

Stay warm, open your heart (good for mild depression), go outside and get some sun when you can, eat warm foods like soups and stews and drink herb teas and cocoa and we’ll make it through winter… I promise. Namaste’

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