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New intentions for 2015

We have started writing “2015” on our checks and correspondence….wow… where has the time gone? Is that how you feel when you see the date? It has been 15 years since the “turn of the century”….I can’t believe how quickly time passes, even when you are busy living life!

At the Caldwell YMCA it’s the start of new year and a new beginning for many members, as we set intentions and “resolutions” for the new year, that focus on our health and well being. Classes are filling up, cardio machines on the floor are in constant motions… and most of the Personal Trainers have very busy schedules for the next few weeks. Make your intention for the new year to commit to something healthful and convert it into an opportunity for lasting change. Whether it’s ‘journaling’ your food intake for a few weeks, or joining a class to keep you motivated….commitment can be a ‘turning point’ for you as this new year begins.

We started on Friday, the 2nd of January with some high energy classes that I teach. A lot of moving/breathing and detoxifying . This week, we are focused on starting fresh… beginner classes that renew and invigorate, and offer a little slower and more instructional pace for people who haven’t tried Pilates or Yoga or even the Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit and chair yoga opportunities. It’s a good time to start that commitment to change… the commitment to begin the exercise classes that you want and feel the surge of energy and enthusiasm return to your bodies and minds. In the next few weeks, we’ll open the heart, create space, begin to build on what we learn, be introduced to meditation (in yoga) and learn basic steps in all of my classes.

At the same time, some teachers I know are interested in starting up a yoga class at Lewis and Clark Elementary - after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:15pm – 5:15pm. They will need more than 10 people to sign up for the 8 week class that is appropriate for all levels. Every year, after the New Year starts, we gather groups together in these community based classes that may not have the opportunity to attend a YMCA or gym to follow through with their new year intentions. I go into the school ( to make it easy and convenient for you) with instructional yoga (and introductory Pilates moves) …to encourage breathing, movement and the opportunity for learning relaxation and meditation techniques for the body and mind. Anyone is invited to participate for 8 weeks ($80 for 16 classes), just contact me here and I’ll answer your questions and/or put you in touch with Angela Layne (who is organizing this activity).

Have a wonderful 2015 and find a place where you can grow and bloom this year.


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