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I have to be honest.... I'm really not a "winter girl". I have always enjoyed summer-time much more. I grew up near the East coast and I associate the beach with relaxation and recreation. When it comes to winter-time fun.... I imagine myself sitting around a roaring fire someplace inside, where it's really warm. I have skied and ice skated and cross country skied a few times in my life....but I wouldn't say they are my favorites. I tend to associate winter with my efforts to clean up after Christmas, and get organized for the new year. This is the time of year we create space and energy to start fresh all over again. This year I seem to be struggling with that effort, probably because things are just so different right now... we are still in the midst of a world wide pandemic and just getting through the day to day task of "living' can be more challenging then it used to be. We have had few people visit us (even during holidays, most of our family was un-willing to attend any social gatherings.) yes of course, I have lots of projects I could be working on... and I'll look back at what I journaled last year to figure out what I might want to work on for this year.

What fresh intentions, activities, habits and ideas do you have for yourself in the this New Year? And what worn out pieces of your life do you need to let go of in order to create the space and energy for something new.? The New Year is a great time to release unhelpful patterns, habits, hobbies and relationship in your life, and replace them with something better. Let's start looking ahead.... make some changes.... so when summer arrives we can get outside and play and all of our inside projects are completed.


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