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March comes in like a lion.......​

The month of March holds lots of opportunities for growth and change. We plant new seeds of intention as Spring arrives on the 20th. We'll celebrate the Spring Equinox in my yoga class on Monday, the 20th of March.... and again on Tuesday, the 21st in the chair yoga class. It's a time of renewal and reinvigorating, not only our yoga practice, but everything in our lives. The days stay lighter-longer and we start working in the gardens as the days get warmer. The days will lengthen as the sun returns, bringing increased strength and warmth with more light each day until the Midsummer Solstice. New goals and energy come along with those new intentions during the fertile growing period.... which is why we feel the urge to "spring clean" everything and bring balance into our lives and into ourselves. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in a big way on Friday, the 17th. So much to celebrate and to look forward to in this early Spring month. Namste'


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