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Thanksgiving is just around the corner

Gratitude..... compassion.... thankfulness for friends and family as we plan and gather for the annual 'feast'.

Family includes gratitude and forgiveness, kindness and patience, love and togetherness. It's a traditional time when we come together, for Thanksgiving dinner, and that may look different for each family.... and may include friends and even strangers that we welcome into our homes. Be generous, be thoughtful, kind and appreciative of all we have. Open doors for the less fortunate and give back to the community in donations of time/energy/money/ and caring.

Thanksgiving also kicks off of the holiday season with "Black Friday" sales and shopping. Although things might look different (with the rise of on-line shopping) we can still become stressed and overwhelmed by activities and expectations, and just the busyness of the holidays.

Let's take time every day to settle, to breathe, to be thankful and meditate on what is really important in our lives...include healthy habits of eating, sleeping, exercising and being productive. Yes! keep your regular routine of of coming to the YMCA to work out, or 'work in'.... reduce stress, breathe in positivity and the excitement of the upcoming holidays season


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