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After the 4th of July

I always feel, like the 4th of July is the absolute middle of summer. We have worked up to this point to plant our gardens, invigorate our lives with exercise and good food. We've planned vacations (and maybe even executed them)....cleaned the house and the garage... sent the kids to camp or to grandparents ... finished the projects we started int he spring.... and now... it's the 2nd half of the summer... we relax... the temperatures are high, and all we want to do is find some cool shade with a cold drink and close our eyes and totally find Bliss in our day. I think we have earned it. If you haven't found a special place of refuge, create a 'happy place' on your front porch, back porch, under a tree with a hammock or a shady nook on the back deck someplace. You might find a place to listen to relaxing music and mediate over a glass of wine, even if it's in a corner of your basement, or your favorite living room chair. Find respite care for yourself this time of year... try not to over do it....peacefulness, relaxation, small group gatherings... be kind and gentle. Don't give up your exercise just yet... but it might be winding down to a walk after dinner, or a video on your computer screen when you get up in the morning. Whatever you do, breathe deeply, enjoy summer with its carefree spirit. Perhaps sign up for one of our "Un-winded" with Yoga events at Hells Canyon Winery. Smile, find 'simple pleasures', enjoy the smell of sun-tan lotion and the buzzing of the bees... find. Bliss. Happy July.

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