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October 2017.....

October is upon us, and the leaves are turning golden orange and crimson red. It is a delightful time in nature, and in our personal lives as we transition from Summer to Winter with the “Vata” time of year (according to Ayurvedic principals). Stay balanced in your work, play and exercise. Start enjoying home-made soups and stews and all that is warm and nourishing for our bodies and mind. Re-decorate your home, porches and work places with autumn décor like pumpkins, squash and dried corns, scarecrows & all things “Halloween” as we head into the children’s favorite ‘holiday’ of ghoulish excitement. Pull out the sweaters and boots and stay toasty warm as the season starts getting colder and our homes and outdoor fire pits are looking for those roaring festive fires. As much as this is a season of turning inward and quieting the mind, reach out to your fellow human beings that are need. Some are far away in lands that have been devastated by hurricanes, floods and the turmoil of bad weather. There are needy people right here in our own backyards that you can reach out to as well, find the time and goodness to offer help and kindness to others… you will benefit greatly for your generosity. Have a glorious October…..Namaste’

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