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June is an awesome month....

…full of warmth and sunshine… kids out of school… summer vacations in full swing… strawberries on the vine, roses in full bloom, and the promise of warmer and longer summery days to come. Thanks to all the participants at last weekend’s Yoga and Wine at the Hells Canyon Winery. Hadley Robertson and Zhoo Zhoo Wines were awesome as we kicked off Idaho Health and Yoga Awareness Month and Idaho Wine Month. Not only was the setting just gorgeous, overlooking the vineyards and the Snake River, but the presentation of delicious wine and treats and explanation of the types of wines and how they are made, was a wonderful and delightful was to spend a relaxing Sunday morning. I don’t think we’ve ever had that many yogis out doing yoga together before wine tasting before? It was a beautiful day and we look forward to doing this again in July and in August.

Personally, I am taking it easy this month, with cataract surgery on one of my eyes already complete, I am headed for yet another morning at the surgery center in Caldwell to have the other eye worked on. It’s been a little difficult with one eye seeing almost 20/20 again, and the other one, completely fuzzy with depth perception problems…. But I intend to finish up both eyes and be able to see everyone’s faces again… yay!!! By the end of June, I should be back to full strength and ready for my yoga mat by the 4th of July. I’ve also had to put my other classes and personal workout time on hold these few weeks…. Which is difficult for this ‘Type A’ personality that I am… wanted to dig in and sweat a little each day… my priorities have changed, my perspective on the world around me, certainly has changed…. I am finding more time for meditation and I believe it’s good for my soul. Thank you to everyone who has sent encouragement and positive and upbeat good wishes for a speedy recovery. Without friends and co-workers (subbing classes) being the best support system ever…. I’m not sure I would have made it through. Thank you all.

The Summer Solstice celebration will be on Wednesday, the 21st of June. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate this year, that is the date of my next eye surgery…. But you should have a great time wherever you are and who ever the sub is for me on that date! Continue to celebrate longer days, warmer weather, and the chance to continue the journey forward; nurturing and developing in ourselves – awareness and passion for the gifts we bring to this season of life and to experience our own true power within on the Midsummer day!

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