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A special week!

The days are beginning to shorten…. The nights are longer and cooler…. As we head toward the Fall equinox in a few weeks. Savor these last days of summer as you enjoy the abundance of your gardens, the cool in the evening of the setting sun…. sipping wine on the porch; take your last sojourn of the summer (remember that the Spring and Fall Equinox….. are the best times of the year to gather sea shells at the shore.) Take a few moments each day to be grateful and thankful for another summer where you enjoyed the sun on your face and the sweet taste of fresh berries in your mouth. Soon we will be back into the routine of Fall… of “school days”… the day to day activities that consume most of our lives. Find something unique and special about each day, or each week…. Something to look forward to, something to make the journey all the more enjoyable.

We have a special event this weekend to look forward to. We have scheduled another yoga and wine event at Hell’s Canyon Winery in Sunny Slope. “un-wined with Yoga” is being sponsored by Zhoo Zhoo wines (the sister’s line of wines at Hell’s Canyon) where Hadley Robertson will conduct another wonderful formal wine tasting…. Sharing her insights as a wine maker, about the kinds of food to pare with certain wines, and how the wines were made…. And the grapes that are used. It is an informative and fun way to spend Saturday morning, the 10th of September. I will be leading the one hour yoga class beginning at 10:00am… hopefully helping you to ‘un-wined’ before we enjoy our wine tasting and treats. The cost is $15 per person and includes everything! So join us “yogis” (who also enjoy wine) out at the winery on Saturday morning. The view of the grape vines and the Snake River is spectacular and lends itself to a relaxing and special time with our friends. All you need to bring is your mat and a smile…. And maybe a friend! Hope we see you out there.

Namaste’ friends

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