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The Dog Days of Summer 2016

DebO up above Cascade, ID and about a mile up from Blue Lake.

We’ve had some very enjoyable weather in the Treasure Valley of Idaho recently….it is sure to go back to hovering around 100 degrees as it does during August…. But in Idaho… “It’s a Dry Heat” as my father-in-law used to laughingly say – trying to entice me to want to live in Idaho. Well, look what happened… we do live in Idaho now (more than 20 years has gone by) and it’s glorious! Sometimes I don’t want to share my lovely Idaho and let people know how wonderful it is….I like the sparseness of population in the state (although she is growing by leaps and bounds). It is inevitable, that more people will discover the moderate climate, the dry, high desert that cools down at night, even when temperatures soar during the daytime, and the incredible scenery that we enjoy so much. We are only hours away from the Sawtooth Mountains, the panhandle and the Palouse of Northern Idaho, cold mountain lakes, ski resorts, open fields of agriculture, and of course, the metropolitan area of Boise and her foothills. I just want to wrap my arms around the whole state and visit everywhere. Since my children have grown up and moved on with their lives…. my husband and I have enjoyed many weekend adventures traveling around the state, solo; or with my brother and sister-in-law on day trips and hikes, picnics, road trips and just plain getting out and going somewhere…. exploring new places and new sights to be seen. How do you handle the ‘dog days of summer’….you continue your explorations…you find the quiet places to ponder your existence, and you climb higher to new breathtaking scapes. We only get to go around in this life one time… make the most of it. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Namaste’

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