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I love Springtime....

Enjoying the rain during the spring season…. The plants are in the ground… everything is growing, blooming…..everything is beautiful… my favorite time of year.

In Yoga classes at the Caldwell YMCA….we have alternated between those Spring cleanse practices, balancing and restorative. Last week, we enjoyed a ‘guided meditation’ for the first time. I have only heard positive comments back from students. We’ll find another time later in the summer to try that again. Our Pilates classes have continued to be pretty full, despite the early start time on Mondays/Wednesdays and Fridays. Alternating between classic mat Pilates moves, mixing yoga and Pilates together on Wednesdays and enjoying an energetic Pilates Sculpt class on Fridays has kept this group of dedicated women together for years now. Four times a year we enjoy a “Pilates Bootcamp” class… and now is the time…. I’m hoping to see everyone here on Friday, the 22nd (8:15am at the Caldwell Y) for our all encompassing, energetic & upbeat class that focuses on core strength.

Please remember that anyone can participate in our “Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit” classes…. You don’t have to be a ‘senior’… they offer an excellent low-impact aerobics class… that increase your heart rate, burns calories, exercises your heart and lungs and does it all without injury to joints or muscles.

Personally….this has been an enjoyable season for me, with a visit from my son, who is active duty military, attending a couple of weddings, spending time with family and friends, and the most exciting has been my on-going Yoga training. As a Shanti Yoga School student, I have branched out into Yoga Therapy and viniyoga classes….which I am thoroughly enjoying. It takes a lot of time to jungle school, teaching classes, trainings, keeping the house & yard, and hosting family activities-but as I’ve been told “keeps me out of trouble”. The best part is, I love integrating things I am learning into the classes I am teaching at the Y!

Continue to enjoy your Spring season, plant seeds in your garden as well as personally for your future, take time for yourself and to meditate daily and tell those you love, how much they mean to you… you just never know what the future holds. Namaste’

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