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Welcome Spring 2015

As we officially welcome Spring this week (Friday, March 20th) with a variety of classes that I’m teaching at the Caldwell YMCA…. We’ll start the week (Monday) with our 8:15am Pilates Mat, focusing on core alignment by using our small Pilates ball to increase strength and flexibility in the body. At 9:15 we’ll continue with some very slow and gentle yoga that opens the hips and heals the low back….holding some postures to create space and to bring awareness to developing and keeping that natural curve in our low backs. Our Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit class at 10:15am is always fun… and welcomes all ages and ability levels (you don’t have to have silver shoes or hair!)… and of course, I’ll repeat the Yoga class at 12:noon for an hour long therapeutics with a long Savasana at the end. As the week progresses, we’ll continue to focus on therapeutics for hips and spine in our slow flow Pilates class on Wednesday, and a more vigorous yoga practice that includes strength and balance. The Tuesday and Thursday chair yoga classes at 8:15am in the Y’s cycle room is always a combination of breathing, balance and increasing the range of motion in our bodies. As we wind up the week on Friday, we’ll increase our intensity in our classes with Pilates Sculpt first thing on Friday using light weights and some ballet moves in our 45 min. class; Celebrating and honoring the Vernal Equinox in Yoga with fiery sun salutations, and in our Silver Sneakers Cardio class, we’ll learn the ‘Macarena’. We hope you’ll be able to join us for as many classes as you can fit into your morning. Download the App (if you haven’t done so already) for your smart phone and check the Caldwell YMCA schedule of classes for the exact times. Always feel free to contact me on my website: for more information/questions/concerns…. And to share positive energy! Namaste’

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