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It's already February!

Happy Ground Hog’s Day….. really? Well, it just brings to mind the fact that we are still in the middle of “winter time”…. Cold and gray and feeling sluggish….and more than likely, we have at least 6 more weeks of this weather before we feel comfortable about getting outside. Today, many are gathered around their TV sets to watch the Super bowl. Whether you are a Bronco’s or Seahawks fan – we are likely to have “party snacks” in front of us… gorging out on the “not-so-healthy-food”…..hmm…. All this brings to mind that food/nutrition and exercise/activity are the biggest proponents of our health.

For optimal health I have suggested time and again….”Everything in moderation”… we all say this…. ALL THE TIME! So, most of the time we should be making the ‘healthy eating choices’ and going for the ‘regular exercise’. As someone once said “choose wisely” when picking out snacks/food choices. ‘Choose wisely’ when deciding which exercise for the day we will conquer. I certainly want optimal health, as I am sure most people do….so let’s challenge ourselves this month and do something healthy! I am challenging you all month (February is National Heart Month) to find an exercise you enjoy and see how to fit it in at least 5 days a week. Make a simple choice in food selections….maybe choose not to salt your food this month? Maybe not to eat any later in the evening than 2 hours before bedtime; maybe drinking 6 large glasses of water instead of just 4? Pick the fruit for dessert instead of the processed or heavily sweetened choice. If you are struggling to exercise, check out some of my “video links” on my web page and try them. (I have several new ones!!) If those don’t work for you (and you do not have a membership to a gym or YMCA) then check further on You-tube… there are literally thousands of videos, short and long that might work for you. Open your heart for something new this month ....and…have a great February , as we fill our empty spaces with love and compassion !

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