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our last week of summer 2014

Another warm, sunny week in the Treasure Valley of Idaho. We have been so lucky with our weather this month, the warm days continue , just as the nights are cool and refreshing, we are thoroughly enjoying the heat of these last days of summer. Take some time to go outside and enjoy nature, walk on the greenways and pathways of your neighborhood, sit on the porch and enjoy your tea or coffee in the afternoons, take your yoga mat to the grass to enjoy a refreshing flow, and include your furry pet on your excursions into the outside. Everyone gets a boost to their immune system by walking and breathing and being out of doors this time of year. A few minutes of sunshine everyday is very healthy for everyone. Soon we will be gathering around fireplaces inside and fire-pits outside with hot mugs of cocoa and soup as the weather turns crisp and the colorful leaves begin their fall to the Earth. I love the seasons… I love to see the changes in the colors and feel of the earth and sky at different times of the year. Try and pull yourself away from the computer/TV as often as you can to re-connect with nature. In one week we will celebrate the Fall Equinox and a shift in the Earth’s axis…. And begin to focus on Fall activities…. Yin Yoga practices focused on the Vata time of year, Fall foods and recipes that are warm and nourishing for our bodies and constitutions. Enjoy this last week of summer and keep breathing!

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