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The perfect holiday.... again?

The week before Christmas and I’m just now, writing up my December Blog for my web site. First… I ‘m happy to even have a web site, that I can actually still spell a few words –but life sometimes gets in the way… and I find that the days outnumber the numbers on my “to do” list.

Each December, I anticipate getting the family “Christmas letter” out early in the mail…. Hosting parties, where the food and the wine are paired perfectly, and my decorations look like Martha Stewart has paid me a visit. Great expectations usually turn into last minute (throw something together) …. Disasters…. Or for some reason….. they turn out ok… Every year I tell myself, I am going to tone down my expectations.

My determination to strive for perfection is most often outweighed by reality of time, resources and complications of real life getting in the way. I keep wondering every year, why my imagination of the ‘perfect Christmas’… is so important. Did I have a perfect “Martha Stewart” Christmas growing up-- Of course not… none of us did….we just like to imagine that our lives look like the Hallmark Christmas movies… they all have a happy ending, and ...... food and decorating professionals provided the backdrop for a spectacular setting We all want everything to run smoothly, where you present the perfect gifts, to adoring family and friends…. And everyone “ahs and oohs” over your beautiful house decorations and perfectly baked cookies and cakes. So far in my 45+ years of living on my own, it’s never been “perfect”.

So as I celebrate the season…. The longest night and shortest day (The Winter Solstice arriving on Friday, the 21st) ; Christmas Eve services at our church, Christmas day dinner with the family…get-together’s (parties) with friends, family, co-workers…… now, with gratitude, and just appreciation that we actually made it through another year. I’m happy that I am still standing, sometimes I forget a few things, and this year… only slight aches and pains in this 62 year old body. I am still able to teach my classes at the YMCA; and I am headed on another path around the sun…. with the love of my life, my spouse of 35 years. Sometimes, all we need to do is stop, breathe, take a look around, and just be grateful for what we do have, and not what didn’t happen, the perfection that we strive for in our own TV movie of our personal lives.

Find something to feel grateful for this holiday season…. Enjoy what you do have…. Maintain your ‘regular routine’… is the advice from professionals…. to keep pace and not ‘overdo’ or lose ourselves in the we can come out on the other side and look forward to a glorious new year ahead of us. We can always try again for that perfection next year, right? LOL.

Namaste' DebO

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