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We are already into the month of May

The flowers are blooming… the warmer weather is upon us… in fact, we’ve had several days already that have hit the 80 degree mark…. And then the temps drop back down into the 50’s and the winds and the rains come back…typical weather for Idaho. It’s a long standing ‘joke’ in these parts… that if you wait 15 minutes (in Idaho), the weather will change. They are so right…. Because one minute the sun is shining and the next minute it’s cold and rainy… the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. The weather is sort of like us, one minute we are sunny and happy, and excited about things happening, and the next, we are hit broadside with bad news, or depression, or things aren’t going exactly as we planned. Sometimes we just need to sit and breathe, take a step back and look around and say… ‘Well, this is life…. It’s up …. And it’s down…’ Let’s be flexible and ‘go with the flow’. I have had more than a handful of friends in the past few weeks, undergo surgeries, loss and grief, a change in direction, injuries and pain… and sometimes all you can do is to hug them. On the other hand, there are weddings and graduations and showers and parties and family gatherings also happening this time of year…. If that isn’t enough to send your senses soaring and then diving down again…. Wow… I don’t know what is. Enjoy the Spring… continue making plans, planting seeds for new growth, keeping a fresh perspective on life, looking for the positive side of whatever life presents to us. If we must take on more stress – then take the time to sit and breathe and meditate and allow that stress to dissipate. A wise Yogi once said, ‘it’s not the amount of stress in our lives that is detrimental to our health, but how we handle the stress that we do have….in our lives.” If you are in Caldwell, Idaho… come on over to the Caldwell YMCA on Friday, the 12th of May…… our once a quarter “Pilates Boot-camp” will happen on Friday morning at 8:15am, then a lovely restorative yoga class at 9:15am…. On to Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit at 10:15am (also a version of “Boot-camp for seniors”) and finally, at 5:15pm, I will sub for Wyndi at the Friday evening yoga class… you don’t want to miss this…. Breath practice, strong movement and finally a long savasana with some guided meditation techniques all thrown into this 45 min. class for a calm and relaxing evening and weekend ahead. Namaste’ friends.

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