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April Showers bring May Flowers

April brings warmer weather, trees and flowers are blooming, and our yoga practices become more vigorous as we detoxify and ‘cleanse’ through breathing and movement. On a personal note….my classes at the Caldwell YMCA took a little break for a few days… and my Cardio Silver Sneakers classes continue to be subbed this week because of torn hamstring muscles I sustained through a little over-straining last week. I am on “light duty” after returning… and hopefully will be back to ‘full strength’ by Friday the 14th. I appreciate your patience as I ‘talk my way’ through Pilates and Yoga this last week.

I am looking ahead to the 17th of April and helping to kick off a new Pound Plunge Team as a coach (still looking for a group of 4 people that are interested in being on my team) for this group workout event at the Y….this should be really fun… and incorporating years of teaching Pilates and Yoga as well as low impact aerobics into our personal training sessions will offer a different take on (maybe) what the other coaches are offering. We have Yoga at the Winery coming up as we kick off Idaho Health and Yoga Awareness week… on Sunday the 4th of June. There are various demos and activities scheduled between now and then….. just keep your eyes on my blog, schedule and Face Book events.

Have a wonderful Spring… breathe in all the goodness and joy and the re-birth of new life and new energy…. And let go of all that holds us back from moving forward. Smile and share love. Namaste’

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