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March comes in like a Lion......

March…. “…Comes in like a Lion”… as we look forward to Spring arriving on the 20th of March… we look forward to celebrating the balance and union between the light and dark cycles of the year…. between the sun and the moon. Equinox means equal day and night… this is when the sun shines directly along the Equator and night and day are equal in both hemispheres. The days around the Equinox are perfect to reinvigorate balance in our lives and to bring the peace of balance into everything around us. We focus on “Spring elements” working on balance in our classes, and especially in Yoga, where we will infuse deep breath, cleansing and detoxifying poses and set new intentions for those practices. We plant “seeds of energy” to focus on our personal dreams, creative projects and future crops, as well as “Spring Cleaning” in our homes and gardens. From the first day of spring until Midsummer Solstice, the days will lengthen as the Sun returns, bringing increased strength and warmth.

Yoga Classes are continuing at a local elementary school for the month of March and are open to the public to join us on our journey from; just starting out in January, to moving forward in our personal quests for strength, stability, flexibility and peace of mind. Feel free to join us at the Lewis & Clark Elementary school in Caldwell, Idaho. We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the gymnasium from 4:14pm to 5:15 for our yoga practice. All you need to bring is your mat! The “Vinyasa Flow” practice includes basic poses, information, flow practices, and even some challenging poses and postures…. For only $5 per class.

So… it’s time to get up off the couch and go for a walk outside in the sunshine… to reinvigorate our lives…. Work in the garden, dig in the earth… breathe deep, sweep the cobwebs from our houses and our minds, open the windows and let in the fresh air….. come to the Caldwell YMCA for a variety of classes, as well as those at Lewis & Clark Elementary School. Feel the transition of moving from the cold and grounded winter season (Kapha Dosha) into the Summer Season of (Pitta Dosha) phase….as nature melts and releases energy into the plants, trees and humans….. we will feel refreshed and clear headed, we’ll balance and restore Prana (Chi) {our life force} and relish in the Spring Season. Namaste’

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