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Halloween is Here!

BOO! Oh yeah… I love this time of year… and it’s even more fun if you have kids or grandkids you can enjoy it with. I have switched around my yoga classes this coming week at the YMCA….instead of doing a restorative practice on Friday the 30th… that will be a “Halloween Practice”… with lots of movement and maybe a few ‘surprise poses’…. Instead, on Monday, the 26th, we’ll be exploring the wonderful benefits of “Yoga Nidra”… after some gentle movement on our yoga mats, for both the 9:15am class and the 12:noon class… so makes plans to attend this most relaxing practice you’ve ever enjoyed!

There will be other Halloween treats and excitement this week as well… the other classes I teach (Pilates and Silver Sneakers) will also enjoy some ‘fun seasonal appropriate music” on Friday, as well as some REAL tasty treats. My chair yoga class will receive the benefits of a seated Yoga Nidra practice on Tuesday, the 27th at the 8:15am class at the Caldwell YMCA, as well as treats, sweets and thrilling movements for this season on Thursday! So check off the classes you want to attend next week at the YMCA and make sure to include some of mine…. I promise a fun, fantastic and terrifying time… Namaste’

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